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Periodontists are often called the plastic surgeons of dentistry. As such, we have the expertise to improve gummy or uneven smiles, rebuild the natural contour of your gums and jaw after tooth loss, and restore the naturally healthy pink color to your gums, among other skills. The periodontists at Millennium Periodontics have experience in state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures focused on improving both your smile aesthetics and oral health. We’ll create a customized plan that addresses your specific problem, restores your gums to their natural health, and renews your confidence in a beautiful, balanced smile! Whether you’re looking for crown lengthening in Chicago, IL, require plastic surgery to restore bone prior to getting crowns or bridges, or are unhappy with dark gums, you’ve come to the right place!

The periodontists at Millennium Periodontics have experience in state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures focused on improving both your smile aesthetics and oral health.

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When most people think about what constitutes an attractive and healthy smile, the first thing that comes to mind are dazzling white teeth. The truth is gums are the unsung heroes of your mouth because they’re the most important part of a beautiful smile. A healthy smile requires naturally pink gum tissue that fits snugly around your teeth, no periodontal pockets, and preferably a balanced amount of gum tissue covering your teeth. Only periodontists have the unique qualifications and training to provide highly specialized treatment to restore the function and aesthetics to the unsung heroes of your mouth! The periodontists at Millennium Periodontics completed many years of advanced training and education in comprehensive soft tissue treatments. As such, we’re considered the experts when it comes to restoring gum function and aesthetics. We have a proven track record blending precision artistry with extensive technical skills for balanced, functional, and attractive smiles. If you’re looking for expert periodontal plastic surgery such as soft tissue ridge augmentation and gummy smile treatment in Chicago, IL, we welcome you to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique needs.

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Common causes of gummy smiles include improper passive tooth eruption, a short or hyperactive upper lip, medications, and genetics. Studies suggest an estimated 10-29% of people worldwide have excessive gum tissue, with a higher incidence in women than men. These studies also indicate the smile line created by gums plays a significant role when people judge other peoples’ smiles. In short, the most common perception of a perfect smile requires ideal harmony between healthy pink gums and white teeth. As such, people with gummy smiles may experience problems with self-esteem and confidence, especially when smiling or speaking.

From a functional standpoint, excessive gum tissue can harbor bacterial plaque, increasing the risk for tooth decay and infection. In addition, if you’re getting restorations, adequate tooth needs to be visible for proper support. As such, crown lengthening in Chicago, IL is done for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Our periodontists have the expertise to determine the underlying cause and create personalized treatment plans that ensure the best cosmetic and functional outcomes.
The goal of crown lengthening is to lengthen the appropriate teeth and create more balanced symmetry at the gum line. Under local anesthetic and sedation if needed, we use specialized surgical instruments to precisely re-contour your affected gum tissue. The amount of gum tissue removed depends on multiple factors including your smile line, lip position, and the number of teeth involved. If you have a damaged tooth that requires a crown, we may need to reshape both the gum and bone tissue to expose more of the tooth.

Deformities in your gum tissue can occur as a result of bone loss following tooth extraction, gum disease, injury, wearing dentures, or developmental problems. These defects can cause cosmetic issues and are often prone to trapping food, which can cause bacteria build-up and infection. When dental implants and teeth are lacking adequate healthy gum, normal activities may lead to inflammation and recession of tissue and bone. Under local anesthesia and sedation if required, we replace missing tissue with a series of grafts that are used to reconstruct the gum line to its natural appearance. Typically, soft tissue ridge augmentation is done prior to you’re being fitted by a restorative dentist with bridges or crowns, but usually after dental implants are placed.
While gum pigmentation isn’t usually a reason for medical concern, it’s common for dark spots, brown spots, or patches on gums to negatively impact people’s self-confidence self-esteem. Also called gingival hyperpigmentation, this condition is normally caused by excessive melanin, the natural pigment found in your hair and eyes. It’s more common in people with darker skin and hair. While genetics are the most common cause, smoking and long-term use of specific medications can also result in excessive melanin production. In tobacco users, dark gums known as “smoker’s melanosis” can usually be reversed by quitting smoking. If medication is to blame, we suggest talking to your doctor about possible alternate options. Gum depigmentation in Chicago, IL is a periodontal procedure used to remove dark spots on your gums and restore them to their natural pale pink color. Similar to laser skin resurfacing, we use a minimally invasive laser to remove the top layer of cells on your gums, thereby revealing pinker gums. If you have gum disease, we need to treat this first with antibiotics and or a deep cleaning to clear up the infection prior to depigmentation.

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