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Restore Your Smile and Health with Gum Disease Treatment

Research shows that more than 70% people aged 65 and older have some degree of periodontal disease. In addition to age, tobacco use, genetics, stress, poor nutrition, teeth clenching, and systemic diseases can raise your risk of gum disease. Gum disease is often silent, so symptoms may not appear or go unnoticed until an advanced stage. This can range from mild gingivitis in which bleeding gums are the primary symptom to aggressive disease that leads to rapid tissue damage and bone loss. When plaque and tartar accumulate on your teeth, gums become inflamed and tender before forming periodontal pockets and pulling away from your teeth. While gum disease is the leading cause of bleeding gums and tooth loss in adults, studies also show it is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and dementia, and can lead to pregnancy complications.

If you do require gum disease treatment in Chicago, IL we’re the team to trust.

The skilled, caring periodontists at Millennium Periodontics offer highly effective, minimally invasive gum treatment in Chicago, IL to help restore healthy gums and a healthy life. Whether you’re suffering from bleeding gums, loose teeth, or late-stage gum disease, Dr. Christine Gadia and her team of periodontists have vast expertise providing sophisticated gum disease treatments. We also accept many insurance plans and offer financing to help you can receive the lifesaving treatment you need.

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Gum Disease Warning Signs

Gum Disease Prevention

Maintaining good oral health reduces the risk of periodontal disease and its associated health consequences. Routine and proper oral care is the best way to prevent gum disease. This includes brushing after every meal and before bedtime and flossing at least once a day. Eating a nutritious diet low in sugar and staying away from tobacco in all forms, will also improve your gum health — and the chance of keeping your natural teeth for life.
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The Benefits of Seeing a Periodontist

If you do require care for gum disease, you’ll benefit from seeing a periodontist, because they’re experts in treating gum disease. Following dental school, periodontists receive three or more years of specialized training focused on the diagnosis, treatment. and prevention of gum disease. At Millennium Periodontics, our team leverages the latest treatments and technologies, including evidence-based healing biologics, laser surgery, and anesthesia options to ensure your ultimate comfort. We offer diverse treatments for gum disease in Chicago, IL based on your stage of disease and symptom severity. The process starts with a consultation, oral examination, and digital x-rays. Next, we’ll create a personalized periodontal therapy plan with the goal of restoring diseased gum tissue to excellent health. With proper treatment, maintenance, and good oral health habits, gum disease doesn’t have to damage your smile. A bacteria- and infection-free smile will enable you to resume and enjoy the many perks of a healthy lifestyle!

Personalized Gum Disease Treatments

When periodontal pockets measure over three millimeters deep and jawbone loss in those areas has also occurred, scaling and root planing is typically the first-line treatment to fight gum disease. During this non-surgical treatment, we carefully deep clean root surfaces from below your gumline and remove plaque and tartar from the pockets. Then, we smooth your tooth root surfaces to eliminate harmful bacteria.

This surgical procedure is performed to access diseased root and bone area, remove bacteria and infected gums, and reduce pockets. After we administer a local anesthetic and sedation if needed, we make an incision at your gumline and then fold back the gums to clean out the bacteria. If any of the exposed bone is damaged or shaped irregularly, we smooth these areas to make them less prone to trapping bacteria. If your bone is significantly damaged, we may use a periodontal regeneration biologic to enhance healing. Then we suture your gums back into place and cover them with dental dressing.

After gum disease treatment, periodontal maintenance is often necessary to maintain your gum and bone health and prevent disease reoccurrence. This procedure is completed every 3-4 months and involves a deep cleaning of the teeth at and below the gumline to remove bacteria and plaque accumulation, as in scaling and root planing. These deep cleanings replace your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments.

This procedure is performed for functional as well as cosmetic reasons, by the removal of excess gum tissue to eliminate certain pockets and gum enlargements, in order to promote a more healthy oral environment, as well as to reduce the ‘Gummy Smile’ appearance. We use a state-of-the-art laser to gently remove gum tissue and shape your gum line. This provides a more precise and comfortable method compared to traditional scalpel gingivectomy with better wound cauterization and faster healing of your gums.

Poor oral hygiene and or a lack of regular cleanings can lead to this destructive bacterial infection that impacts the area around dental implants. When left untreated, this can lead to detachment of the gum and soft tissues that surround the dental implant and pocket formation — similar to gum disease. Early detection is key to a successful outcome and treatment depends on the stage of the infection. It typically involves infection control, using a laser for detoxification of implant surfaces, techniques to regenerate lost tissue, and plaque control.

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