Sedation dentistry is dentistry without discomfort. With Sedation Dentistry you can overcome your fears and enjoy good dental health. If you are hiding your smile behind your hands or living with dental pain, your are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. You are not alone. Millions of people share your fears and apprehensions.

Who is sedation for?
Sedation is for anyone who wants to be comfortable and relaxed through their whole dental visit. Many patients describe themselves in these ways:

  • I’m afraid of the dentist
  • I’ve had bad experiences at the dentist
  • I just can’t get comfortable in the dental chair
  • I’ve always hated the sounds and the smells at the dentist
  • I can’t sit still when I’m at the dentist
  • My teeth are very sensitive
  • I have a real fear of needles

Our office does use a 3rd party for sedation cases. Please Click on the link below to view their website